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Limey - limey

In time, the term lost its naval connotation and was used to refer to British people in general, and in the 1880s, British immigrants in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. [4] Although the term may have been used earlier in the . Navy as slang for a British sailor or a British warship, such usage was not documented until 1918. [4] By 1925, the usage of limey in American English had been extended to mean any British person, and the term was so commonly known that it was featured in American newspaper headlines. [4]

The crimer suffers from a slim, underdeveloped script by Lem Dobbs (who also write Kafka), but benefits from Soderbergh's astute direction that posits two 1960s cinematic icons, Brit Terrence Stamp and American Peter Fonda as long-time enemies.

Two actors best known for their work in the late 1960s, Terence Stamp and Peter Fonda, star in The Limey , a drama in which a recently released felon contemplates the ...

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