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Dual - groove me

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Parts needed for this Step:
Dual Extruder Assembly from Step 6.
Two Motors with Small Gears from Step 7.
Six M3x10mm bolts.

Use three M3x10 bolts to mount the motor. The lower bolt is accessible through the holes in the large gear. Refer to picture titled “Motor Installation”.

Adjust the small gear and the motor position to obtain a good mesh of the gears, then tighten the   setscrews. The gears should turn smoothly.

If your motors run warm, check that your gears mesh smoothly. However, you may find that the motors run warm even with smoothly meshing gears. If so make a couple of the fan mounts found here and add cooling fans.

In 1996, the production crew traveled to Machu Picchu in Peru , to study Inca artifacts and architecture and the landscape this empire was created in. [9] [10]

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They do start “singing” at 110kph though. I didn’t mind because you rarely want to do more than 100kph during a RTW

Dual - Groove MeDual - Groove MeDual - Groove MeDual - Groove Me