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The mark & clark band - worn down piano - part 1 & 2

was born in Kansas City and raised in Texas. Through his parents’ records he discovered Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Buddy Holly but was profoundly moved by one, The Beatles “Ticket to Ride.”  Doug has drummed for 16 years in Dallas’ top Beatles tribute A Hard Night’s Day.  He has many memories pounding those “pagan skins” in Las Vegas, Liverpool, in London recording videos with VH-1 in Abbey Road Studio 2, and backing Tony Sheridan in Hamburg’s Kaiserkeller. Musicians back home say Doug has always naturally had that signature Ringo style, even as a 12 year old learning the trap set.

Official website for Guy Clark . Clark is that rare breed of writer who puts himself willfully, directly in inspiration's path, and whose expert hand illuminates ...

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Guy Clark did an original painting up which is now up for auction. The money raised from the auction will benefit Collin County Advocacy for Children. You can find out more about the cause by visiting .

Robert M. Citino is the author of nine books, most recently Death of the Wehrmacht (2007) and The Wehrmacht Retreats (2012). He spent the 2008–09 academic year teaching at the United States Military Academy at West Point; he is currently a history professor at the University of North Texas. In 2007, Citino was rated the “#1 Professor in America” by the online student rating service . His blog, Front & Center, can be found here.

The Mark & Clark Band - Worn Down Piano - Part 1 & 2The Mark & Clark Band - Worn Down Piano - Part 1 & 2The Mark & Clark Band - Worn Down Piano - Part 1 & 2The Mark & Clark Band - Worn Down Piano - Part 1 & 2